"From Montgomery"

"From Montgomery"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aaaarrrgh, mateys!

I've been sadly remiss in updating this blog lately mainly because I've not been spending any time in my studio. Bad girl! This week, however, I broke out the nippers and the thinset and started work on my pirate.

I was chosen to be the artist to design next year's Arts for All Festival t-shirt and this is my design. I'm calling it "Aaarrghts for All". If you click on the photo you can see it in more detail.

The parrot I modeled after one I took a photo of in Cuernavaca, Mexico earlier this year. The pirate is just your run of the mill typical pirate, not the Somalian variety. I'm pleased with his beard but I've re-done the nose about three times already. I was happy (but feel a bit guilty) about only having to do one eye. It feels like cheating.

Deadline on this is July 30. I'm so bad about waiting til the last minute but it took me awhile to get inspired. It does feel good to be back in my studio.

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